About Darrell

Best Life and Relationship Coach

As a pastor, speaker published author, and certified life coach, Darrell uses his gifts to provide people with the necessary tools to avert or emerge from crisis situations.

Drawing from his personal experiences: his birth mother passing away when he was just a baby, growing up in several blended families, getting kicked out of several schools, being homeless, in addition to facing other life challenges, Darrell’s story gives him the ability to connect with those who are barely making it, yet still believe they are called to something greater.

Darrell emerged from the struggles he was facing by becoming certified in the area of Information Technology. These certifications allowed Darrell to become a highly sought-after IT consultant for nearly 20 years. Darrell has consulted for various organizations including the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dell, Spelman College, Oakwood University, Tuskegee University, and most recently, Emory University.

Darrell is also a critically-acclaimed published author of three books. Darrell's first book, entitled Called to Something Greater, is a book that provides inspiration and motivation to every reader and challenges them to obtain the greatness that God has placed inside of them. His 2nd book, entitled 12 Shades of Man: Testimonies and Transitions to Manhood, is a book that Darrell co-authored with 11 other men with the sole purpose of leading all men—no matter their ethnicity—to a closer walk with Jesus. In his newest release—Win Your Day, Win Your Life: Thirty Affirmations to Unlock Your Greater—Pastor Darrell reveals the practical tools and strategies needed to help you thrive in the areas of Faith, Family, Fitness, Finances, and Fun.

Darrell and his wife, Robyn, have been married for 16 years—and have been together for 20 years. Together, they have developed a marriage and family ministry that helps couples go from surviving to thriving in their relationships. Ultimately, Darrell and his wife believe that when the family unit is stronger, communities become stronger as well. What makes their marriage coaching world-class is that they have experienced many of the highs and lows most relationships face; yet through it all, they are still thriving…TOGETHER…by the grace of God. They have two children, daughter Brittany, and son Darrell IV.